Aging adoptive mother, training administrator and general factota Plum Stickleberry, driven to anonymity following a disastrous early blogging career, has yet again failed in an attempt to do justice to herself and her family. Her next attempt at literary and social invisibility may not be any better written than the last one but hopefully it will be more honest and faithful to the members of her beloved family than anything that has preceded it.

Characters in this blog:

Plum (55 year old part time menopausal dimwit with theatrical hot flushes and the odd sparky moment)

Elmo (41 year old welfare wizard, athlete and all round studmuffin)

Blue (occasionally Django, beautiful, multi-talented, oft dysregulated and much misunderstood 12 year old)

Red (feisty, creative, seemingly resilient, boingy-haired, dancing, prancing ladygirl, aged nearly 12).

No harm is intended in the writing of this blog. Any resemblance to other blogs, past or present, is purely coincidental.


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